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The Facts About Mesothelioma

  • Published September 26, 2017

Mesothelioma is a well-known word to anyone who has spent time watching daytime TV and its copious commercials. However, many seem to be under the impression that this disease is a type of lung cancer. This is a common misnomer; though mesothelioma is a type of cancer and does develop in the chest (thoracic) cavity, that is essentially where the similarities end between the two.  Continue reading…

5 Things You Need to Know About Low-Dose CT Screening for Lung Cancer featuring our Dr. Robert Caccavale

  • Published September 22, 2017

Recently, our very own Dr. Robert Caccavale was featured in an article regarding lung cancer screening with CONQUER magazine. Dr. Caccavale discussed 5 important things that every American should know when considering whether to have a lung cancer screening. Below we have included an excerpt from the piece and link to the full article.

Continue reading…