New Lung Scan Recommendation Targeted at Protecting High-Risk Smokers

Lung cancer claims about 160,000 lives a year — more than a quarter of all cancer deaths and greater than the toll from colorectal, breast, pancreatic and prostate cancers combined. This is according to an article in the New York Times, which reports on the recommendation of a task force of experts that urges lung CT scans for high-risk smokers. The experts claim this measure has the potential to save 20,000 lives a year.

According to the article, as of now, 90 percent of patients with lung cancer die from it, in part because it is discovered too late.

The recommended low-dose CT scan has the potential to change the course of the disease by detecting it early enough for treatment to be effective.


The team at the Thoracic Group has vast experience in the field of lung conditions and procedures. Drs. Caccavale and Bocage are Co-Medical Advisors of the LungCare Comprehensive Cancer Program at CentraState Medical Center and are Co-Medical Directors of the Lung Institute at Steeplechase Cancer Center.